Own Your Very Own Salon With Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites!

If you’ve ever considered opening up your own salon, you know the difficulties that can often come in the process. Between expensive leasing costs, the high risks involved, and the endless hours spent marketing your business, it can seem like your dream will never become reality. At Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites, we want to make that dream of salon ownership accessible to as many professionals as possible. Read on to discover the possibilities of opening your very own salon with Kay Taylor!


How It Works


Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites is a corporate-owned salon experience that allows salon professionals to create the business of their dreams. Our various studios offer tons of different services, from your standard offerings like hair styling and makeup services to more specific options like Botox, eyelash and eyebrow services, and even tattoos! There are a wide range of services that you can put on your menu, so you can totally customize the experience for each and every client that walks through your door, all while maintaining the high standards of luxury that are present in all of our locations.


We are proud to offer turnkey private studios that are ready for you to move in and make your own. We’ll be with you every step of the way offering the most thorough educational resources and support to help you run your business efficiently, and our affordable cost of entry allows you to get started right away.


What You’ll Gain


There are endless benefits to opening a salon with Kay Taylor. To start, we offer much lower start-up costs than what you would incur trying to open a location on your own. All of your equipment, washer/dryer hookups, plumbing, and the like are included within your rent payment, meaning you won’t have to put a ton of money down just to get started. Additionally, we help out with marketing to help you find new clients, saving you both time and money, and we’ll deal with all the maintenance when it comes to your lobby, break room, restrooms, and other spaces within your salon.


If you’re dedicated to providing a luxurious space for your guests, Kay Taylor will be perfect for you. Our entire brand is centered around luxury, but you won’t have to break the bank. You’ll have the opportunity to decorate your salon the way you like it, providing that artistic freedom you crave while still maintaining high quality standards. You’ll also gain endless knowledge in your field and will constantly be provided with the most up-to-date educational resources and support tools. Our salon suites software is easy and intuitive to use and will help you grow daily into the best salon professional you can be.


Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites began out of the dream to provide luxurious beauty spaces to clients and to give the most talented salon professionals the chance to own their own businesses without all the hassle of traditional leasing. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you own a Kay Taylor salon! Contact us today to learn more!